A Kick to the Curve by Levi's Jeans

LEVI'S launched their Curve ID jeans during Philippine Fashion Week and it was a really good number. Production was superb and they showcased the jeans very well, making the audience understand what the jeans are really about.

"It's not about size, it's about shape."

Host Sarah Meier

LEVI'S Ambassadors

Unraveling the models 

Models with different shapes and curves

The jeans were hung like a chandelier! So clever!

The models wore the jeans right then and there to show how easy the denims fit their bodies perfectly

When I found out about LEVI’S CURVE ID jeans and how they have found a solution to the major dilemmas of women and their jeans, I knew I had to gain a first hand experience. They have developed three custom fits based on the difference between the measurement of a woman’s hip and seat, rather than basing everything on just the waist line. These are the Slight Curve, designed to celebrate straight figures in accentuating their curves; the Demi Curve, designed to fit even proportions while smoothing their shape and the Bold Curve, designed to honor genuine curves without having to deal with gaps at the back of the jeans.

To no surprise, I was a Slight Curve, so with a tad of doubt in my mind that this new system can actually deliver, I tried on the first pair of skinny jeans that caught my eye. The denims hugged my body like second-skin and felt light as a feather. There weren’t any constraints to my movement thanks to the stretch fabric, but most importantly, it gave me the shape I desired. The jeans showed me that I actually have a bum to brag about and curves that I didn’t know existed.

“All asses were not created equal” is LEVI’S new motto for their CURVE ID jeans, and I couldn’t agree more. All women come in different shapes with different body issues. LEVI’S has reinvented denims and finally understands what women need, the perfect fit. :)

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