Anberlin in Manila!

This was the day I watched Anberlin at A. Venue, Makati! I was soooo psyched! Mainly because I listened to this band religiously back in college, so the moment I found out they were having a concert here, BAM! "VIP Tickets to Anberlin's concert please?"

That night was sooo magical. Except for the couple beside me feeling each other up (that's just wrong), and the girl having BAD ODOR and me having to catch a sniff of it every time she raises her hands. Such a killer. 

The band was humbled and quite amazed that the audience knew the words to their songs. They were just really blessed by the whole thing. Nate Young (drummer) even tweeted that this was one of the best concerts they've had. I'm glad they enjoyed performing here! I'm still kiliig! 

Here are some of the photos from the concert. They confiscated my DSLR! I'm so glad I brought back up!

The last photo was taken while they were singing, "Take Me (as you found me)" Confetti!!! 

Here's a video I took of their song, "A Day Late", and yes, everyone knew the words!

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