Just so you know..

i like the feeling of being in love. 


  1. i like this feeling too:)love these pics and like so much your style...
    Follow me dear?
    i'd be so happy if you do it!
    i wait u on my blog..kisses


  2. hey tabitha!

    re: hotel recommendations for your KK trip this september, I stayed in Novotel Hotel. It's not bad, but it's farther away from the central city, so it's harder to get around by taxi, but not bad if you have already booked tours. :)

    I would maybe recommend staying in one of those higher-end hotel resorts, if you can afford it. haha It's so nice and relaxing kasi. :) but if you want to explore on your own, a cheap hotel within the city center and near the Jesselton wharf sounds good