Camera Dilemma

So this is me trying out the indoor lighting with the sun coming through the window. I hate closeup photos (frankly because I never found myself to be photogenic), but since I have no models, might as well make use of the self-timer! Volunteers? Anyone?

I've heard that Canons aren't so well indoors. Is this true for Nikon cameras as well? I'm just very curious about this. Speaking of cameras, I'm FINALLY done paying for my DSLR! Having to pay 3.5k a month in one year is no joke especially when you have other bills to think about! I am still currently in debt though because now I'm paying for my recently purchased digital camera. Shoot me. 

I'm also planning on purchasing a vintage camera, I've set my eyes on this baby for the longest time! i think it's time to save up for it. I am just in love with vintage cameras. Hopefully when I reach thirty I'll have a whole shelf full of analogs for me to enjoy looking at and using. but for now I'll settle for a photo.


  1. pretty pretty Tabitha! <3

    this reminds me, we never got around to doing that photo shoot we were supposed to do a loooooooong time ago. haha :D

    boat ride through the sky

  2. Gela! I know! Hopefully when I start studying I can get you as a model for my portfolio! :)

  3. Oh my god. I'm about to die: that 'Quin's camera collection'!! I'm dead jealous of whoever these babies belong to.

    And as far as I know, (a friend of mine has a Nikon camera) Nikon camera's aren't so great indoors either :( Or maybe that's because she just got him and needs to practice... You should read a review on the internet, at least that's what I always do when in doubt :d

    And you are so cute and natural and your hair falls perfectly so you really shouldn't be bothered with not being photogenic !! :D


  4. You are such a sweetheart! Thank you!<3

    I think it definitely depends on the lens too! Will do some more research. Thanks!