Everyday Passionate People: Kaycee Lim

10 years ago, people would regard individuals who wear makeup as someone who is either extremely bold or someone who is extremely Kikay (English translation: Very girly). Now times have changed, its normal to see girls in full on makeup going to universities and even 13 year-olds know how to put on eyeliner and mascara

Today, I'll be featuring a girl who loves to wear makeup but especially enjoys putting on makeup on any girl (or boy) who wants to look gorgeous on a special day.

Kaycee Lim has been a friend of mine for almost 4 years now and I've witnessed her journey to a world full of beauty, glamour, eyeshadows and (her favorite) lipsticks.

From Real Estate to Makeup School

Upon graduating from college with a degree in International Business Studies specializing in Marketing Management Kaycee took a job as a Property Consultant, thinking that this would be the most proper job for her. But 3 months into the office and Real Estate world, she realized it wasn't her cup of tea.

Little did she know that a free membership with Mary Kay given to her as a grad gift by her aunt would open her passion for makeup! She started out selling Mary Kay products and even offering free makeovers (yes, I was one of them girls who asked for it) and realized how much she enjoyed putting makeup on different faces.  

Why Not?

While still venturing on selling Mary Kay products someone asked her, “Why don't you become a makeup artist?” and that got herself thinking, “Why not?”.

Kaycee looked for a makeup school and enrolled in the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty where she graduated top of her class! (bravo!)

Kaycee Lim, Makeup Artist!

Currently, Kaycee does fashion shows, fashion shoots, beauty shots for celebrities and weddings. Who would've thought that a business graduate would end up becoming one of the rising makeup artists in Manila?

Question and Answer
I asked her some questions for fun!

What's your favorite makeup? Or look?

50's makeup! It's the most glamorous out of all the genres, with the classic red lipstick, eyeliner and how the eyebrows are done.

Also, the “no makeup, makeup”, because it's used to enhance the face and not distort it. I like using that style on brides.

Top 3 can't live without makeup?

Concealer (Bobbi Brown), Powder (RMK, Revlon), Lipstick (Pink or purple shades)

What's the best lesson you've discovered throughout your makeup career?

Know the rules before you break them”.
In makeup school, they'd say no to shimmer eyeshadow for mature women, but sometimes it works!

Also, products aren't limited to their use. You can use eyeshadow for contouring, or lipstick as blush :)


Kaycee Lim is a 23 year-old Makeup Artist. 
Visit her website at: http://kayceelim.com
Follow her on Tumblr: kayceelimmakeup.tumblr.com
Email her: makeup@kayceelim.com

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