The Drive

Canon 450D 

Every time I drive by Ortigas Avenue, I notice the trees along the road and sidewalks and I like how it looks against the sky (if that even makes sense). I thought it would make a great photo, so one Saturday I decided to bring my camera along and finally got a chance to take photos along the way, while inside my car. Trust me this wasn't easy! I was glad the traffic was slow that day (all for a great photo!). 

Another photo I took while driving that turned out pretty well was under the flyover, still along Ortigas Avenue.
Pentax P30t, Provia 35mm film

Do you take photos while walking around the city or driving as well? On your way to work maybe? 
I'd like to think that there's beauty everywhere you go even if you've passed by these places a hundred times, there's always something to shoot. 

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