Irie Sunday

Last night I went to B Side at the Collective with my pal Jing (or "Dirty J", if you wanna call him that) to watch some reggae bands. They call it "Irie Sundays" which is very fitting because Sundays are usually the days when you just relax and forget about your worries. "Irie" means to be at total peace with your state of being. 

Ice Cream truck turned DJ booth

I was yawning. It was waaaay past my bed time. 

I like the vibe that you get when you're there, everyone is laid back, feeling the beats, making new friends and dancing! Gotta love dancing. They got DJs in between sets, cold beverages and BBQ! I'm definitely frequenting this place. 

If you have nothing to do on a Sunday night (and Monday morning) and if you fancy reggae music at all, then this is a spot you might want to check out!


  1. lol. yawn yawnnn. I like the pictures :o)

  2. Really? Thanks Gen! I was kind of struggling with it that night. Bad light, no flash, wrong lens. haha Thank you!