Illustrations by Maui Rodriguez

Maui Rodriguez is this brilliant illustrator who agreed to do an illustration of me for this blog. I am so delighted to show you the finished product! I told her that I wanted splashes of color, a sparrow to illustrate freedom and passion, and she interpreted it quite well! I also love and was surprised that she included that necklace I always wear. 

As you can see, I am revamping this blog because it needs a makeover so badly. I will be focusing more on my photography and entries on passion and inspiration here and there, and maybe some outfit posts (of course). Watch out for more illustrations by Maui, because the makeover isn't completely finished yet!

Here are just some of her work. Or you can check out her Glossom page here or her Tumblr here.

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  1. wow, can i say that she's indeed really talented. loving her artwork and i think they're brilliant!