Time-check: Brought to you by LIFE

Time flies so fast, doesn't it?

It either makes you feel gratified that you've accomplished so much in that amount of time or regretful that you haven't accomplished any. 

It makes me think about how I've lived outside University these past 3 years.

Have I...
explored enough?
traveled enough?
made new friends?
been on adventures?
followed my dreams?
pursued my passions?

Right now, I'm on the road of pursuing my passions. I'm currently fixing my life (not that it is completely in disarray), and I'm quite excited about my change in career. I don't know if this is the perfect decision to make, but I feel like if I don't do it, I'll regret it and will be thinking of it for the rest of my life. 

How have you made use of your time? 
Check your bucket list and see if you've crossed out some of your life goals lately. 


  1. Summer time is a good time to make changes, I think. Good luck with all your goals! xoxo Flor


  2. i'm actually on the same process. let's chase our dreams, Tabitha! :)

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