When I found out that we'll be shooting at Stacy's, I was stoked! I've always wanted to visit this place and take J here. Now that I got to taste the delicacies and get the feel of the place, I can't wait for my love to experience it too!

Can I just rave about the interiors? I adore the vintage, cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Details are so important, especially if you have a specific concept for your restaurant. One significant factor that J and I always consider when eating at a cafe or restaurant is the music. They played Beach Boys and the Beatles while we were shooting and I couldn't help but bounce and sing to the classics.

Angelique, one of the owners, noticed and asked if I liked the Beach Boys and I was like, "YESSSS". She told me stories about how the older generation enjoys the music here and that there was once a couple who decided to dance to the music inside the restaurant. Wasn't surprised at this, because we're the kind of people who randomly groove to the music too!


  1. Looks like my kind of happy place :) Great photos!

  2. ooh o lovely! and the food looks so yummy :)

  3. The photos make this place look a really happy one! Where's Stacy's located? :)

  4. Hey guys! It's located in Capitol Hills Drive :)

  5. i currently reside close to the place... i tell you... eating at stacy's always makes me happy ^_^

  6. What camera do you use in taking these photos? :)

    1. Wow thanks! I'm planning on buying a new camera that produces pictures like yours. Any suggestions? :)