Wedding Preparations

NO I'm not getting married. Although, I will be attending a number of weddings this year! I find it bonkers that my friends who are my age have actually decided to be husbands and wives. I've been seeing a lot of engagement photos all over Facebook and it amazes me how young and ready they are to tie the knot!

All these marital celebrations burden me. There's only one question that comes to a 24-year old woman's mind: "What do I wear??"

Four weddings in a year is a wardrobe dilemma for someone who rarely has anything cocktail-y in her closet. For this particular afternoon wedding though, I was lucky enough to borrow a dress from my good friend Tracy. Just had to find the perfect accessories and experiment on the hair and makeup to make myself look a tad elegant.

Self-made up-do' ( I'll do better next time, I promise!)

Vintage belt to add accent to the dress

A Gold bangle and vintage purse courtesy of my mother

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