Off-Duty in Boracay

I've been posting a lot of "work" photos recently, so I figured I'd share some off-work pictures while I was on assignment in Boracay. I'd have to say, my stay there was waaay to chill. After shooting the resort and its interiors, we had a lot of time for ourselves. So I slabbed on some tanning oil and attempted to get darker (which we all know failed), listened to some tunes and had a nice long walk on the beach. 

We also got to eat at Lemon Cafe for breakfast and dinner which was a spectacular treat. If I were on a budget trip with my friends we probably would have evaded that area. A bit pricey but veeery scrumptious! 

Lunch on the beach

Indonesian masks. One found a home in my lover's room. 
One of our meals at Lemon Cafe

And for desert, mango cake and lemon tart! 

Walk on the beach. Wishing my lover was with me.
It was a gloomy day, but the sun peaked and showed its wonder