Picket Lines

You have no idea how excited I am to tell you that "Picket Lines" (Dialogues Between Eves, Among Eves and For Eves) is now available on iTunes and Store.buqo.ph!

We did this project over a year and a half ago. I was lucky enough to have been invited to shoot more than 25 of 100 women for this book alongside amazing photographers.

This was also the time when I was just starting as a full-time photographer, experimenting on lights and fiddling with different angles, learning along the way. I must admit, looking at the photos now, I know I could have done better. But it's also fun to see the progress I've made!

So awesome being able to work with amazing women!

Here are some of my shots from the book. Be sure to buy your copies!
Proceeds will go to Women's Crisis Center.

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